One Health in the Arctic

Sharing a great panel discussion on One Health in the Arctic that we hosted at the 2021 ArticNet conference, featuring Dr. Emily Jenkins (U. Saskatchewan), Dr. Michael Castellini (Alaska), Dr. Arja Rautio (Finland), and Dr. Arleigh Reynolds (Alaska). Enjoy!

The connections between human, animal, and environmental health have never been more important globally, especially in the Arctic, which is experiencing climate change at 2-3 times the global rate. Close connections among animal, human, and environmental health in the Arctic are both a strength and a vulnerability in a rapidly changing world. We will bring together experts who will address their viewpoints on One Health and work through a One Health based scenario relevant to the circumpolar North.

We are pleased to present Dr. Michael Castellini (US), expert in polar marine biology, emeritus professor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences; Dr. Arja Rautio (Finland), physician and toxicology expert, Professor at the University of Oulu, VP Research of the University of the Arctic, and member of the Sustainable Development Working Group of the Arctic Council; Dr. Arleigh Reynolds (US), veterinarian and nutrition expert, Professor at University of Alaska Fairbanks and current director of the UAF One Health initiative; and Dr. Emily Jenkins (Canada), expert in zoonoses and wildlife health, veterinarian and Professor, University of Saskatchewan, co-lead of the Canadian Arctic One Health Network and Canadian Representative to the Terrestrial Working Group of the International Arctic Science Committee.

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